The Action and Sports (A&S) Portal is what we in EV refer to as a “genre” Portal, these Portals encompass many different games under specific genre(s). A&S, as you may have guessed, covers every game that is considered to be under the Action and/or Sports genres. The objective of A&S is to foster a community for these genres and provide tools and resources for our members to play the various games within them that pique our interest. Genre Portals are geared for casual play, so after gaining membership there are no requirements (besides adhering to the charter) to maintain it. However divisions within the Portal may arise that have further requirements to be apart of them. Examples of this would be competitive teams or individual(s) organizing members in a game to the point it will transition into a Portal of it’s own. Otherwise we have Game Organizers who regularly host an event for a specific game within the Portal, as well as members playing various other games here and there.

Games Regularly Being Played:
Battlefront 2
Rocket League

Simply to foster a friendly and mature community for members to feel at home in and enjoy gaming to the fullest.

CO: Tal
XO: Raiyn

Game Organizers:

Why join?
If your looking for a fun loving, no nonsense and mature gaming community for the above genres, look no further. Eternal Vigilance has existed for over a decade and all of that experience has allowed us to achieve many goals and by joining the A&S Portal you will be apart of an ever growing legacy. Should you be accepted, you will have a place here, whether you plan on just playing casually or looking to test your skill competitively. To learn how to apply, refer to the A&S forums.

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